What is Open-Realty®?

Open-Realty® nowadays is the world’s best system for creating as well as managing a specialized, cutting–edge property web site. It’s the most powerful, well–performing and flexible real estate listing administration app, which offers you all that you need to sustain a very competitive real estate site.

Open-Realty® gives you a WYSIWYG web page editor for modifying customized site content, a built–in blogging system, which lets you integrate listing info inside blog posts, an option to upload many images, files or virtual tours at once, etc. Your listings and web site articles are going to be quickly indexed via the internet search engines.

Open-Realty® is a trademark of Transparent Technologies, Inc. and is not affiliated with Domains-Planet.

Open-Realty®–Optimized Cloud Hosting Service Services

When you’ve got a company site on which you count for a living, it’s fundamental not just to keep this website online, but furthermore to keep it operating as smoothly as you possibly can. And that is what precisely you’ll notice with the specially optimized Open-Realty® cloud hosting service services sold at Domains-Planet.

We supply cloud hosting service plans with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. We’ve designed our own cloud hosting system, which, in addition to a custom network, offers us sufficient server power to keep our guarantee whatever arises. Moreover, we’re going to supply you with limitless disk space, unrestricted data traffic and limitless MySQL database storage space allocations.

A Point & Click Site Control Panel

Every one of our Open-Realty®–dedicated cloud hosting service packages comes along with the tailor–made Site Control Panel. It’s created to live 100% in the cloud, it’s converted into a variety of languages and it lets you maintain your websites and domain names from just one location. And furthermore, it’s filled with no cost tools and bonuses.

Our 1 Click App Installer tool lets you set up over 40 recognized apps, zero configuration is needed. We have designed a live statistics system, which will start working as soon as your website goes online – our Online Statistics Manager. We’ve designed a option to securely upload your files by just dragging them inside your browser using the File Manager. And much, much more.